LightForce™ Orthodontics

The future of orthodontics is here. Stern Orthodontics now offers an innovative new option for patients known as LightForce Orthodontics. LightForce Orthodontics is the only manufacture of 3D-printed braces 100 % customized for your smile.

What Is LightForce Orthodontics?

Patients who wear braces often need continual adjustments because their hardware doesn’t fit perfectly. Traditional braces are made to fit an average sized tooth. LightForce custom braces are truly next-generation braces. The brackets are 3-D printed with a patient-specific prescription programmed into the printer. Each brace (bracket) is custom printed to your unique dental anatomy and your treatment plan. As a result you will have fewer adjustments, less appointments, and more efficient treatment.

The LightForce System

There have been many orthodontic innovations over the decades, but LightForce Orthodontics is an advancement that more fully merges the power of computers and 3D technology with orthodontics. The LightForce system allows Dr. Stern to obtain the most accurate model of your teeth and create a set of fully customized braces to fit them.

Treatment Software

It all begins with the software. Which allows us to create and adjust a treatment plan just for you. The LightPlan software allows Dr. Stern the precise control over where a patient’s teeth will move. Then the braces are 3D printed based on the anatomy and movement of each tooth..

Indirect Bonding

The LightTray bonding tray is 3D printed from a special material to increase the accuracy and speed of bonding brackets to your teeth.  While braces are traditionally bonded to the teeth one bracket at a time, the LightTray gives Dr. Stern the ability to bond an entire set of brackets to your teeth in under an hour.

Light Force Brackets

As for the brackets themselves, LightForce uses a 3D printer to create a set of brackets made of ceramic polycrystalline alumina. There are two main types of brackets patients can choose. One option is the Cloud bracket, which is white in color and is a popular choice among patients who want the color of their elastic bands to stand out. For patients who prefer a more aesthetic appearance that is less noticeable, Light brackets are the translucent or clear option.

What Makes LightForce Different?

LightForce Orthodontics is different from traditional braces because of the customization process. The process increases overall comfort, and reduces overall treatment time. Best of all, it gives patients confidence knowing that their braces are a perfect fit for their teeth.

How Does LightForce Orthodontics Work?

LightForce Orthodontics is a simple and less invasive way to provide orthodontic treatment to patients. Patients do not have to take impressions and they can count on their braces being a perfect fit for their teeth. All we need is a comprehensive digital scan of your teeth to begin the process.

The system allows us to place the brackets precisely where you need them on each individual tooth and to control movement so your teeth will shift exactly the way they should. And because the brackets are ceramic, they can be clear or match your natural tooth color to be more discreet.

Benefits Of LightForce Orthodontics

LightForce Orthodontics allows orthodontists like Dr. Stern to spend less time installing braces, which also means less chair time for patients. The planning is all digital and is customizable depending on your needs. Your braces will be individually customized and produced rather than having to deal with traditional analog braces that are mass-produced and may not fit perfectly to your teeth. It’s this unique treatment plan that provides a level of accuracy and speed that had been previously unavailable. 3D printing technology changes this for the better.

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