Meet the Team

We recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice. We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.

Cherry Hill Team Members

Nancy Nancy

Certified and Registered Dental Assistant

I love my conversations with our patients. Hearing about their day, and sharing in their successes, always makes me happy. It’s a pleasure to become friends with each patient, helping them get the healthy, incredible smile they’ve always wanted. I provide chairside assistance, supporting the doctor and patient. At the end of a visit, I offer home care instructions and answer patient and parent questions. I also handle ordering and some computer work.

When not in the office I enjoy keeping busy. Reading, shopping, decorating, and physical fitness are some of my interests. My favorite times are spent with my spouse and two adult children.

Lena Lena

Certified and Registered Dental Assistant

It’s important to me that each of our patients has a positive experience in our office. I enjoy getting to know a patient throughout their treatment, encouraging and supporting them as they get their new smile. I’m proud to be part of a team committed to providing the best care to create the most beautiful smiles. I offer chairside assistance during visits, helping our patient and the doctor. I love answering questions and keeping patients enthusiastic about their treatment

I’m married and have three beautiful daughters. In my free time I enjoy being with my family. I also like reading, going to the beach, hiking, skiing, and riding my bike.

Deborah Deborah

Certified and Registered Dental Assistant (Cherry Hill and Vineland locations)

I’ve been part of Stern Orthodontics for 38 years and love all the friendships I’ve made. I enjoy talking with patients and hearing what happens in their lives. It’s amazing to watch each person grow and mature during treatment, with improved self-esteem and beautiful smiles. I work chairside, assisting the doctors during procedures and keeping our patient updated on what we’re doing. I work in our onsite lab, too.

My husband and I have two sons and a daughter. We also have a DSD named Sunshine and two cats, Midnight and Mittens. In my free time I love gardening projects.

Anne Anne

Insurance Coordinator, Reception

I love meeting and building relationships with the wonderful patients and parents who come to our office. Seeing a person excited to get started, and then watching them become more confident as their new smile develops, is wonderful. Of course, the best moments are watching a happy patient when they first see their finished smile. I work at our front desk, covering all reception duties. I also handle insurance claims, bookkeeping, and payroll.

My husband and I have been married for 45 years. I have two sons and three grandchildren. I love being a grandmom! I walk every day. I also read, garden, play piano, and am active in my church.

Christina Christina

Treatment and Financial Coordinator

I love getting to know our patients and their families. We create wonderful smiles for wonderful people, and I am glad to be part of making that happen. I assist patients at their first visit, explaining how orthodontics works and answering questions. Following their exam, I talk with patients and parents about the proposed treatment, and why it’s recommended. I also help patients with financial arrangements, so they can afford to get the beautiful smile they deserve.

I’m happily married to a wonderful man and we have five cats. Outside the office, I enjoy hiking, reading, and gardening. I also volunteer at local animal shelters.

Vineland, Bridgeton and Pennsville Team Members

Alexandra Alexandra

Office Manager and Bookkeeper

I love meeting new people and making them feel at home in our office. We’ve created a positive, fun, and supportive environment, and patients tell us they like their visits. We certainly like seeing them! I handle the day-to-day management of our practice, ensuring everything runs smoothly so our doctors and team can focus on delivering the best care to the best people. I also handle our bookkeeping tasks.

I’m happily married and have two young daughters. Our family pets include Tula, a cat, as well as Bonita our Rottweiler, Eva our Yorkie, and our fish, Skittles. I enjoy playing English hand bells in our church choir, and attending local fundraisers and community events.

Deanna Deanna

Insurance and Billing Coordinator

I enjoy learning about each patient’s life and interests. We truly have the best patients and families, and I’m happy to be part of making their orthodontic experience a positive one. Everyone on our team feels the same way, which makes for a great work environment. I help our patients and parents with their insurance, making sure they get the most from their benefits. I also handle patient billing and assist with any financial issues that might arise.

My husband and I have a daughter as well as two chocolate labs. When I’m not at our office, I enjoy riding my bike and participating in different biking events.

Chris Chris

Certified and Registered Dental Assistant

I love to make people laugh and smile. Having orthodontic treatment is making a positive change in a person’s life, and I want them to enjoy the experience, from start to finish. It’s enjoyable to help my friends during treatment. I like watching them become more outgoing and confident as they see their new smile taking shape. Working side-by-side with our doctors, I make sure they have everything they need, while talking with our patients about what the doctor is doing.

I’m married and have two children and two cats. I love spending time with my family and being outdoors. Some of my favorite hobbies are exercising, fishing, crabbing, camping, and traveling.

Jillian Jillian

Certified and Registered Dental Assistant

I enjoy talking with our patients and getting to know who they are. I do my best to make each person feel comfortable and love seeing their smiles at the end of a visit when they tell me how much they’re looking forward to coming back. I help patients, sitting chairside and supporting them and our doctors. I talk with the patient about what we’re doing and encourage them by telling them how well their smile is coming along.

I have a wonderful husband, who’s a chef, and two handsome boys, too. I’m very involved with the Bridgeton First Church of the Nazarene and am their children’s director. Our family loves to travel and work on a never-ending list of house projects.

Kim Kim

Certified and Registered Dental Assistant, Clinic Manager

I love watching out patients grow and mature throughout treatment. As a patient sees their appearance begin to change, they start to feel more comfortable in how they look. Then they start to smile with more confidence and become more outgoing and social. Watching a person become happier as a result of the care we deliver never grows old. I work chairside, helping patients and our doctors. I also manage our assistants, ensuring everyone’s able to focus on patient care.

My husband and I live in Greenwich, NJ. When I’m not working, I enjoy skiing, boating, fishing, and gardening. I also love football and am an avid Dallas Cowboys fan.